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There are so many choices out there, but we're not here to compete... We're here to make web hosting a better experience for all.

Why are we here?

Over the years, Website design and Hosting services have come down in price. But not without non-stop upsells, higher renewal prices, and Inflated prices. We’re here to change that.


The first domain registrar was Network Solutions Inc. Since they were the only registrar business at the time they were able to charge incredible prices for domain names. Back in 1994 it would cost $100 to register a domain for 2 years, compared to now most domains are just $8-14 per year.


At this point in time paid hosting services started to spawn. The internet was so small previously that ISPs didn't charge giant fees like they do today, most web hosting was free prior to this time. Among the first companies to adopt this model was 50megs, 1.5 GB of HDD space and 25 GB of Bandwidth would run you up $18.50 a month.


Amazon Web Services was born, one of the first providers to offer the hourly pricing model. This was a disruptive industry at the time, there was one downside however... The platform was built for developers, meaning that it was usually too complicated for the average use to navigate. If only there was a platform designed for everyone...


wmcws was just an idea and we started very small, hosting websites for just 10 clients using Plesk Onyx. Fast forward 2022, wmcws really starts picking up with a custom management panel and much more than just web hosting. Try Elastiku cloud, Elastiku STOR, Game hosting, Email hosting, and more! But you're looking at the biggest change of all...


Webspace Simplified

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We donate approximately 2% of each Credit/Debit card transaction towards a better Climate for the Future.

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